Oceania Cruises has unveiled a collection of more than 30 new itineraries for the Winter 2017-18 season aboard the line’s acclaimed Regatta, Marina, Riviera, and Sirena.

Ranging in length from nine to 34 days in length, these new voyages afford discerning travelers to embark on an Oceania Cruises voyage that is close to home or explore paradise half a world away. “Each of these voyages has been crafted to provide our guests with imaginative, immersive and most importantly of all, memorable travel experiences,” stated Bob Binder, President & CEO of Oceania Cruises.

Highlights of the new voyages include Sirena’s in-depth exploration of South America including an all-new Amazon voyage from Miami to Rio de Janeiro and a 35-day journey from San Diego to Rio de Janeiro which includes coastal Mexico, the Panama Canal and Devil’s Island. Regatta covers the South Pacific in almost its entirety including a reprisal of the epic circumnavigation of the Australian continent and an adventurous jaunt through the Coral and Timor seas to Indonesia. Marina combines the best of South America and the South Pacific with a mélange of alluring itineraries featuring the breathtaking icons and ruins of lost civilizations with the languid and pearl-like seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia. Regatta, Marina, Riviera, and Sirena all offer Oceania Cruises’ inimitable Caribbean experiences as they travel to boutique ports that are havens of the jet-set and the lines’ very own resort-destination in Belize along with some of the region’s most renowned and popular ports of call.

South Pacific, Tahiti, and Australia
San Diego to Papeete, 18 Days, November 1, 2017
Papeete to Auckland, 16 Days, November 19, 2017
Auckland to Sydney, 14 Days, December 6, 2017
Sydney to Sydney, 34 Days, December 20, 2017
Lima to Papeete, 18 Days, January 16, 2018
Sydney to Auckland, 13 Days, January 23, 2018
Papeete Roundtrip, 10 Days, February 3 and 25, 2018
Auckland to Bali, 24 Days, February 5, 2018
Papeete Roundtrip, 12 Days, February 13, and March 7, 2018
Bali to Honolulu, 29 Days, March 1, 2018
Papeete to Los Angeles, 18 Days, March 19, 2018
Honolulu to Miami, 24 Days, March 29, 2018
South America
Miami to Rio de Janeiro, 22 Days, October 8, 2017
Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, 12 Days, October 30, 2017
Buenos Aires to Lima, 21 Days, November 11, 2017
Lima to San Diego, 14 Days, December 2, 2017
San Diego to Rio de Janeiro, 35 Days, December 16, 2017
Miami to Lima, 18 Days, December 29, 2017
Rio de Janeiro to Miami, 21 Days, January 20, 2018
Miami to Lima, 18 Days, February 10, 2018
Lima to Buenos Aires, 21 Days, February 28, 2018
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, 12 Days, March 21, 2018
Rio de Janeiro to Miami, 21 Days, April 2, 2018
Caribbean and Panama Canal
Miami Roundtrip, 9 Days, October 8, 2017
Miami to San Diego, 15 Days, November 1, 2017
Miami Roundtrip, 10 Days, December 12, 2017
Miami Roundtrip, 12 Days, December 17, 2017
Miami Roundtrip, 10 Days, January 13, and February 16, 2018
Miami to Montreal, 16 Days, April 22, 2018
Miami Roundtrip, 11 Days, April 23, 2018
Miami to San Francisco, 16 days, May 6, 2018

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